MBA offers On Demand Software Solutions for Practice Management and Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software. We provide the most up-to-date software for your practice, and we manage it for you.

You pay a fixed monthly subscription fee that includes software, maintenance, customer support and training, and unlimited electronic claims processing. Our technical team implements and maintains the software and hardware - performing data back ups, and completing updates and upgrades as required. This allows you to utilize technology in the most efficient way possible for your practice. We understand that saving you time means saving your money.

MBA uses Origin Practice Manager™ and Origin EMRge™ software, offering the latest technology combined with a simple, flexible user interface to improve the efficiency of your office.

Origin Practice Manager™ simplifies and streamlines every process, from capturing charges and payment postings to patient management and reporting. Each data entry function that used to require multiple key strokes now requires you to just point and click. Simplicity and ease of use make Origin the choice viagra online for practice management

Origin EMRge™ allows your practice to organize patient information in a way that makes information retrieval easy and efficient. EMRge ensures the accuracy and security of your practice’s patient files, without sacrificing any of the quick and easy information exchange capabilities that make this product so remarkably proficient.

Features include:

We untangle the complexity of today’s sophisticated hardware and software solutions. MBA’s expert technology management combined with the latest software solutions makes your practice more efficient - and your IT worries go away! MBA uses the latest proven technology with reliability and redundant systems to meet the needs of small and large practices. HIPAA security and privacy is constantly evaluated to meet the most stringent guidelines.

Your IT Department

Benefits of Hosted Software Solutions:


MBA knows that quality is as important as efficiency. That’s why we will never sacrifice quality when working to streamline the efficiency of your office.

To ensure that the quality of your practice is consistent, and improved as needed, we offer the following:

We Bring the Technology to You

Interested in handhelds or tablet computers? All our hosted software works in a secure wireless environment, capturing the encounter at the point of patient contact. Hand writing recognition and integration with other software make our solution affordable, flexible and expandable.